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Posted By:kev

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2009-04-06 08:43:59
Alcoholism is not a disease. Calling it a sickness makes people think they can take some meds and get better. There is no medicine that will make it go away. Alcoholism is a method of escaping reality. Trust me on this, I was a practicing expert for a while. Can you name a government treatment center that works?
2009-04-06 07:36:22
Not always A Bouts. Some were children of poverty, abuse, disease, hunger...Others, suffer mental illnesses, alienation from family, etc. The Canadian Medical Association is asking the federal government to designate drug and alcohol abuse as a disease; that should have happened a lot time ago. This way, funding will be provided for drug and alcohol treatments and programs. Also, the stigma will hopefully be removed.
2009-04-06 04:00:18
Different choices made in life.