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Old Comments:

2010-11-16 21:32:01
Nop, this time they are real photographers. I've checked. See for yourself: Public invitation on the hunt for my head. Whole one site attacked me... All my posts from that site have been erased, luckily . I'll keep my fingers far away from that site in the future...
2010-11-16 07:46:28
I agree that photographers can prevent their photos from being posted elsewhere. When I tried to save photos on, I now often get the message that the photographer has disabled........ I don't think it's photographers who are stalking's just a troll. It went after Poppy, me and others doing the same thing, and moves on when there is no reaction.
2010-11-16 00:27:37
I'm sorry pez, I had not read your comment on ademir's pic untill now, or I would not have left my comment, without saying something about it...I don't think photographers have any right to go after you, when there are so many people posting pictures here, and also, every photographer knows that they can block their photos if they want to. When you put things on the internet, they go all over the world not just pixdaus!
2010-11-16 00:05:53
He's not smiling, but he sure is cute! :)