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Old Comments:

2009-03-29 10:15:40
I prefer my frogs........... Never tried frog legs. Not sure I want to.
2008-05-21 04:42:56
Tastes like chicken. In the real world, you're either predator or prey.
2008-05-20 12:19:29
More great photos epiphannyy. Are you the photographer?
2008-05-20 11:34:57
the food chain goes on..
2008-05-20 08:24:43
Poor little guy. Nature is cruel.
2008-05-20 07:37:51
She doesn't use a camera. She stole the image from Joost van Beurden....
2008-05-20 00:49:13
What kind of camera are you using for such clarity?