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Old Comments:

2008-02-02 05:17:34
... 'snap' ... "oh shit!!!"
2008-02-02 02:29:46
Bathroom issue is not theirs but the people's on the ground!
2008-02-02 00:28:05
I hope they're not serving definitely don't want to get drunk at that kind of dinner party...not to mention the already discussed bathroom issue! haha
2008-02-01 23:59:37
How they go to toailet ? xd
2008-02-01 23:49:07
For me it looks like a moronic thing to do. Expensive crap for executives. But it does just look like a thrill, definitely not cozy or relaxed. And this is what I want if I am out for dinner.
2008-02-01 23:28:29
it seems very interesting:) it also very good idea! But i think this people was not very happy;)
2008-02-01 20:49:17
that is cool. also maybe cold ;)
2008-02-01 19:27:59
He.... Poor them if they have to go to the toilet!
2008-02-01 16:40:16
WTF !!