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Old Comments:

2008-09-04 09:43:49
Oh yeah, come on down patito ,Good times to be had. The more the +++ let the good time roll !yeee haaww...
2008-09-01 21:10:30
...better still, let's make it grappa (preferably prima uva), since we're in Italy! When in Rome and all that...
2008-09-01 20:58:11
...yes, do join us, Patito, we could do with some tall tales from your vast collection! Tequila? With the worm or without? I'll order 4 stretchers beforehand so they can carry us to our hotel later...much later. ;-)
2008-09-01 20:24:10
..only applies to mixed company, R and R..but do wish I could join you ladies..we'd order us a couple of bottles of tequilla, have the waiter slice up some limes, and get plumb bullet proof..yeee a new experience..never been thrown out of a bar in Italy...yet...been distracted by a little tropical weather down here on the Gulf Coast..glad to see ya'll have been holdin' the fort.
2008-09-01 20:10:23
two is a company,,three is a...
2008-09-01 19:24:25
...I'm already there! C'mon, ladies, let's party!
2008-09-01 06:35:25
sounds good to me , let go !!!
2008-09-01 05:50:21
beautiful lilly, I wish you and me an poppy were there having a caffe expresso or whatever they call it : )