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Old Comments:

2010-04-17 02:58:00
Yes petit one, that´s what everyone would love to see, wouldn´t they? But changes in culture are still too much frowned upon nowadays...
2010-04-16 16:27:19
Most of time, I write without my "little glasses", my "short view" ! :-) Yes, looking at it again, I think you are right ! ( Probably, I wrote with one of my dreams : for everybody, a world of " "Freedom, Equality, Fraternity", the currency of France ! ... And I projected them on this second woman's "smile" ! With glasses, it is not a smile, it is a "grimace/mow" !)
2010-04-16 03:36:03
Hmm, I thought of something completely different. For me, that second woman is showing a face of disapproval, due to the way the young girl is dressed. And she might be thinking about how their culture has been changing so fast, how it got so 'westernized' and 'modern', and how that´s not good for the preservation of their traditions and old ways. She must be thinking that´s not the kind of girl she wants as her daughter-in-law :P
2010-04-10 16:51:32
Comment comprendre le regard, le sourire, l'expression de la deuxième femme à gauche ? N'y a-t-il pas à la fois admiration et bonté, voire amour ? C'est le visage d'une mère aimante. Elle est la seule de ces quatre femmes à se réjouir de l'avenir de la Femme. Les autres sont encore à leurs "petites affaires". How to understand the look, the smile, the expression of the second woman on the left? Is there not both admiration and kindness, even love? It is the face of a loving mother. It is the only one of these four women to rejoice in the future of Women. The others are still in their "small business".
2010-04-10 15:20:54
It certainly does!
2010-04-10 15:17:29
It's also a photo that says a lot!
2010-04-10 15:12:04
Great contrast and movement in this photo.