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Posted By:LM

Old Comments:

2008-03-10 02:47:24
Clark, do a little research before you comment. Tibbet's bombing mission at Hiroshima did not kill "hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians". Official estimates range from fifty thousand to one hundred thousand; a wide range, since the facts are obscured by the confusion of destructive war and by the propaganda of a dictatorship. There is less doubt about the death toll from the incendiary raids which had preceded the atomic attacks. These killed approximately twenty times as many Japanese civilians as the atomic raids did. And, what was the reaction of the fascist government of Japan? They preferred even these terrible losses to surrender and the forfeiture of their power. They didn't surrender after the incendiary raids. They didn't surrender even after Hiroshima. They surrendered after Nagasaki, remember?
2008-02-14 23:23:33
He was a great guy, and will be missed dearly.
2008-02-12 14:33:04
thought it was his wife. (name)
2008-02-11 19:56:02
I know the history, moron. This plane dropped Little Boy, which is why I said what I said. I just don't understnad what "did he know?" refers to. It seems people often make an easy target of the name...
2008-02-11 12:22:01
That was supposed to be a reply to clark
2008-02-11 12:20:52
It's a wonder you know how to breathe
2008-02-11 06:26:44
Oh and he named the plane after his mother. Enola Gay Tibbets
2008-02-11 06:25:42
He was trying to start the engines and opened the window to warn the photographers to stand clear of the props. One said "Smile" so he did.
2008-02-11 06:04:45
I think the question was, "did he know that the plane would drop the first atomic bomb at the time the photo was taken," and the answer is yes, he knew. The Enola Gay was specifically constructed and outfitted for the mission where (then) Colonel Paul Tibbets would drop the atomic bomb. Any picture with him at the controls of that plane would have been taken either just before or well after the August 6th mission to drop the bomb.
2008-02-11 05:15:11
know the history
2008-02-11 04:51:34
Know what? That is says "Gay"? That this plane would be responsible for the death's of hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians?