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Old Comments:

2008-06-01 04:22:55
Thank you BellCurve. Accepted with pleasure.
2008-06-01 01:07:13
I see your point. The image in several places is over saturated. I think that someone could not leave well-enough alone and just had to fiddle with the midtones. Given the amount of color I decided to leave the image alone, since my color judgment is not very good. As for the last line, please excuse me, there is a great deal of sarcasm and down-right abuse on this site. I jumped to the wrong opinion and apologize.
2008-06-01 00:47:37
I think your all missing the point , as in can't see the forest for the trees , this building is incredible , can you imagine the time and vision it took to create this.I'm glad the world doesn't rely on me to get stuff like this done , we would still be living in caves.
2008-05-31 23:08:35
BellCurve! I have also examined the image at 16X and agree that there does not 'appear' to be any artificial alteration. However, you have missed my point. The factors you have not taken into consideration are the 'tonal qualities' of the light and shadow of the bar and their central connection. They are out of balance with the rest of the whole picture. To me, as an artist, it's glaringly obvious. The blue and black content in their colours is virtually absent. This cannot and will not happen in normal natural photography. The yellow and orange are definitely out of place and unnatural, whether by filtering or whatever. For instance, the shadows in the cracks of the wood on the left of the central bar are bright orange. That is an impossibility, unless they were lighted by tiny artificial lights from within, which is laughable! As for your closing remark, you misunderstood the substance and object of the sentence. It was a question of 'enquiry' to you, not sarcasm.
2008-05-31 21:11:45
Nice One,BellCurve
2008-05-31 21:04:17
I have examined the image at 16X and do not detect any artifacts in the area. It appears to have the valid texture and hue variance that you would expect. Of course, it is virtually if the author has reset the white and black point, and, if he did, it would most likely be to correct for normal exposure problems with a digital camera - that is why mid tones need adjustment when using a digital camera. However, your sarcasm, "you must surely be able" is not lost on me, and frankly, is of no importance whatsoever.
2008-05-31 20:18:10
BellCurve, you must surely be able to detect that the yellow and orange of the round and rectangular bars meeting with their central support have been enhanced - altered to be unnatural. They stand out a mile.
2008-05-31 14:04:40
I am flattered that you assume that, there is certainly no way to tell from the image.
2008-05-31 13:30:56
enhenced by BellCurve