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Posted By:hungryghost

Old Comments:

2009-01-03 15:13:07
Any word on the original artist?
2008-06-28 02:57:54
Well in all fairness, I photoshopped a penis on your mom and you've called her dad your whole life so you too are guilty of beliving what you see.
2008-04-24 12:01:51
My sincere compliments to all posters. I would have wagered lots of $$$, and had prepared myself to see comments saying "Israel vs. Gaza," or "United States vs. Mexico," or "South Korea vs. North Korea." I was pleasantly surprised to see mostly art (detail) lovers like me; but is IS still early. I try to do dioramas, but nothing like this...WOW!
2008-04-22 08:25:43
Scary? I don't think so... The water coming from the pipes has a good colour and the village seems clean and well-organized: let's see the half full. I imagine it like a community that dislikes the extreme tecnocrazy, or a holiday place. A place like this, with modern medicine, instruction and freedom to decide which road to follow, could be a nice place to live. Anyway I like it very much!
2008-04-22 08:12:22
2008-04-22 05:24:47
wow. now THAT is awesome. looks like a combination between good ol 3d GC and digital painting
2008-04-22 00:34:16
Just amazing.
2008-04-21 21:08:46
And thus we prove, Philip, that you believe too much of what you see online. This isn't a photo, its a work of art created by someone who is talented with computer graphics.
2008-04-21 19:26:04
scary future for those on the inside. prisoners
2008-04-21 17:15:50
who is the artist who made the picture?
2008-04-21 17:01:35
"Where is this? Please give the location!" Ha ha! But perhaps it's not too far off in the future...
2008-04-21 13:36:41
Where is this? Please give the location!
2008-04-21 13:02:30
Scary future for those on the outside...
2008-04-21 12:46:10
2008-04-21 10:25:14
Looks like Final Fantasy 7, but not a capture from the game that I remember. Looks like an artistic interpretation.
2008-04-21 10:09:58
looks like New York and New Jersey
2008-04-21 10:01:29
It looks like a diorama in the foreground...but a very precise and good one. I don't know much about photography, but it looks cool!