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Posted By:Unknown

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2011-12-18 15:55:38
They hurried along as fast as they could, but the flashlight began to go dim just as the moon dipped behind the first hill. Marla began to sob with fear, and though Jason tried to comfort her he could not conceal the rising panic in his own voice. "Oh, dear God,what will happen to us ?" Becky whimpered, glancing apprehensively into the heavy brush along the roadside. Then Pancho spoke up. "Hey, ya'll ! Don't sweat it, ya' hear ? I got a .357 Magnum in my hip pocket . Loaded with hollowpoints. Any werewolf try to fuck with us I'll blow his goddamn shit into next week ! Just keep walkin' and we can make the village in time for supper. They got some good tamales at Rosarita's !"
2011-12-18 10:28:21
Air Head, Caddy Daddy, YOC...........just how many alias names do you use in a single day jacksparrow? And, why?
2011-12-18 07:12:18
Excellent! Excellent! I'm not COY but I might be YOC.
2011-12-18 06:45:57
We struggled to make good time, but the moon settled lower and lower, and the flashlight grew more dim with each step. There was no sound from us but the panting of our breath as we hurried on. But off to the side of the road in the thick brush we could hear the sound of something... something large....It was moving stealthily, keeping pace with us, waiting....waiting for the darkness.
2011-12-18 06:21:33
After the car broke down we started walking up the road toward the village, but the batteries in the flashlight were weak and wouldn't last much longer, and we knew that once the batteries failed and the moon went down we would be in complete darkness, and then the werewolves would come at us from the thick brush than lined the road. We were afraid, very afraid.