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Old Comments:

2011-02-28 02:10:30
These comments show how Euro-centric most of you people are, that you fail to recognize this very well known person who is none other than Honest Abdul, the Arab world's most renowned dealer in high-end, up-market new and pre-owned luxury camels. Drop by his showroom and take a look at his huge inventory. You'll be amazed at the quality and selection, low prices, and very competitive interest rates. In todays' uncertain world ownership of one of these splendid animals not only conveys honor and prestige upon its owner, but also can provide a quick and sure-fire way of escaping into the boonies when the shit hits the fan in your home town.
2011-02-28 01:47:20
I believe you are right. Staged or natural it is a great photo and I want to honour its author
2011-02-27 15:48:35
It is a great photo, but I have a feeling that it might have been staged. The clothing and camel garb all seems very authentic, but is to clean and immaculate for having been worn in a desert crossing. Perhaps they were dressed up just for the photo. The Tuaregs originally were entirely nomadic and wandered from Algeria all of the way east to Libya and south to Nigeria and Mali. Currently they have become predominately sedentary and confined to settlements throughout this region.
2011-02-27 15:42:33
Northwest Africa is possibly even better.
2011-02-27 01:49:02
Sorry, I went back to the site and have picked the following info Serge Semenov Caravan Conductor
2011-02-27 00:54:28
I donĀ“t know where it was taken. I found it in a russian site named with no author name nor other information.
2011-02-26 12:05:37
North Africa might be a good guess...:)
2011-02-26 11:22:37
A great photo, I really love it. Do you have any idea where this was taken?