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Posted By:willya

Old Comments:

2008-06-02 04:16:19
I'm in favor of taistful artistic photograph. Equal time for both genders ... heck ya. Lucky for us, Johnny and Antonio are very photogenic and have many many many many photos to choose from ... there are some very beautiful men out there. And may I say *blush* Antonio is not very shy for the camera.....
2008-06-01 15:36:19
...the jealousy angle...makes you think, does it not? Hard to believe ladies would minus men's pics since they cannot often be found here and are a most welcome change. More are needed, though, to get some balance.
2008-06-01 14:29:49
I'm a woman, but even if I was a man everyone should have equal time here.I dont minus the womens pics or put down the guys who make comments on them. sometimes it seems like jelousy to me
2008-06-01 12:40:52
too gay to be true, ewwww
2008-06-01 11:20:03
Whoa baby!!!!!! thank you willya, you really livened things up around here.. your pics rock!!