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Old Comments:

2011-03-08 13:52:55
Photographer is Steve Bronstein
2011-03-08 03:25:22
This was posted here over 200,000 pictures ago, and the poster is long gone. Do a search on and you'll get 25 hits, perhaps one of those sites will lead you to the artist.
2011-03-08 02:14:33
if I do that, the image will not look well. I need more resolution.
2011-03-07 20:00:01
Copy this picture on a memory stick. Take the stick to the shop that prints pics on t-shirts. They will upload the pic onto their computer and enlarge it to the size you want and then print it. - Greetings to Argentina.
2011-03-07 14:23:24
hey! i would like to print your pic -defrost a mammoth- on a t-shirt. how can I get the full image size? Can you send me it on a mail? sorry about my english, Im from argentina. please contact me: