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Old Comments:

2010-03-16 04:34:39
Thanks Skip and PG :-) Connie - next time before taking a picture, IŽll think about your advice ;-) :P
2010-03-15 13:09:30
Oops... said really twice there... apologies for that... really .. :)
2010-03-15 13:08:42
LOL Connie. And also too Jujuba, try to have gotten the trees branches a little bit shorter too as they are blocking the scenery in the background.... only joking, Jujuba.... :) Really, it's a really great picture. Well captured !
2010-03-15 12:59:47
Very nice indeed Jujuba, but I think you could have prepared the scene a bit better before taking the photo. For example - you could have put some artificial grass where it is bare, put a nice little stone bridge where the water is, brush the deers' coats so they would shine better. Oh, yes....those horns could have used a bit of trimming. Otherwise, it's a very lovely photo.
2010-03-15 10:08:55
Good job jujuba! I like the way you managed to get so many into one shot..and yet you can still make them out well. who needs the pro's, I think we have some talent around here. :)