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Old Comments:

2010-07-16 03:36:11
Point of this upload: You better stop on a stop sign, unless you a doe... :) Over&out 4 today PS: 4 explode :* :)
2010-07-15 14:54:09
I think that if you were driving slowly, then it probably only got a fright. Let's hope that's how it turned out anyway. I'm sure it did... :)
2010-07-15 14:52:18
Oh it did - but the little critter came out of nowhere, skipping and bouncing like a lamb...I was going slow, but still wasn´t able to avoid it.
2010-07-15 14:12:08
I hope so too, Jujuba. I imagine that would've given you a fright for a time...
2010-07-15 13:57:39
I ran over a squirrel when I was living in the States :-| Actually, it just rolled under my car, got a little dizzy and ran into the woods...hopefully it survived without major injuries.
2010-07-15 13:11:42
It would've given both the driver and the deer a big shock. If I was driving that car, I'd be in shock for sometime. The thought that I could hurt a beautiful animal like a deer would trouble me alot... :(
2010-07-15 03:20:25
Gosh, that was a close call :-| Glad the deer could get out of it :-)