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Old Comments:

2008-05-20 00:12:09
good stuff guys. made me laugh. i love it when there's genuinely funny stuff here and not just the usual bs. HA Morgan Freeman narrating the Sasquatch Story.
2008-05-19 13:29:15
I can't help but imagine Morgan Freeman (The Sasquatch Redemption?) narrating that quote, and every time I get to the, "But that's the life of a sasquatch... one has to take what fate provides," part I just crack up...
2008-05-19 09:28:44
Applause applause.
2008-05-19 06:38:54
Naw...Indians don't ambush hikers anymore...but how 'bout this "The evening is still and quiet as the Sasquatch, salivating in anticipation, crouches in the brush awaiting its prey. It has not eaten for days, and as the mist settles it listens for the sound of foot steps on the path. A nice, plump birdwtatcher would be nice, or perhaps a tender little Cub Scout. Its last victim was an old Texas cowboy..tough, stringy, and too lean to be very satisfying. But that's the life of a has to take what fate provides. The important thing, it remembers, is to be sure and make it look as if it was done by a mountain lion. "
2008-05-19 06:29:50
oh, now I know what you mean: "seven ninjas hide in this picture" ;-)
2008-05-19 06:28:49
Then you speak at least one more language than I do. My comment was meant as a joke, not serious. You post great images.
2008-05-19 06:16:36
sorry dude, english is not my mother-language!!!
2008-05-19 06:12:04
Dear Comic book guy, what's with you and these descriptions. You could have said, "trees fog shrubs" and it would have contributed as much. You're like those guys at work who do presentation by reading out loud the words on the slides. Come on man, put some effort into it. This one could be, "Savage Indians wait to ambush unsuspecting hiker."