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Old Comments:

2011-03-16 03:37:41
2011-03-16 03:30:09
ahahahahahah crazy brazilian girl... (?)... ahahahahahah :-D
2011-03-16 03:16:20
That´s ok Ademir, you can´t really know if 'jujuba' is male or female :P By the way, those times when you used to send me photos with Brazilian buttocks, I thought you were pulling my leg and trying to make me mad lol :P Thanks for the lovely flowers, autumn is coming here so I won´t see flowers for quite some time :-/
2011-03-16 03:05:22
2011-03-16 03:00:26
jujuba, I apologise and I send you by air these Italians flowers: I thought you're a man and I asked you the age (not to say that I've dedicated to you in the past a pix and the subject was... Brazilian buttocks ...) info fot the flowers' pix: