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Old Comments:

2010-12-25 11:20:48
What a cheesy thing to say... /pun
2010-12-25 07:23:58
For some reason, I want to eat the moon
2010-12-24 14:55:22
There are 13 full moons every year, including one in each of the 12 months. In the month that has a 2nd full moon, different each year, that moon is called a 'blue' moon. Less known, however, is the fact that each of the other full moons has a name as well. These names are as follows: January full moon - Old Moon February full moon - Wolf Moon March full moon - Lenten Moon April full moon - Egg Moon May full moon - Milk Moon June full moon - Flower Moon July full moon - Hay Moon August full moon - Grain Moon September full moon - Corn Moon October full moon - Harvest Moon November full moon - Hunter's Moon December full moon - Oak Moon