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2009-01-28 21:23:26
چه کسی به بوش کفش پرتاب کرد؟ بین الملل > خاورمیانه - با خبرنگاری که در اقدامی بسیار نادر در تاریخ کنفرانس های مطبوعاتی هر دوکفش خود را به سمت بوش پرتاب کرد آشنا شوید عمده رسانه های جهان دیشب بارها و بارها صحنه پرتاب کفش به سمت رئیس جمهور عراق را پخش کردند. در این بین برخی از آنها حتی شبکه های خبری آمریکا نیز در خصوص سرنوشت خبرنگار عراقی که هر دوکفش خود را به سمت بوش پرتاب کرد سوالاتی را مطرح کردند که یکی از خبرنگاران سی ان ان در پاسخ این سوال گفت بستگی به این دارد که این خبرنگار توسط آمریکایی ها یا عراقی ها بازداشت و محاکمه شود. با این همه برخی از مخطبان رسانه های بین المللی که این صحنه را بارها و بارها از تلویزیون های خود دیدند سعی داشتند اطلاعاتی در خصوص پرتاب کننده کفش پیدا کنند. در همین حال شبکه تلویزیو&
2008-12-18 17:37:58
i see someone still bends the voting system to make it appear as if the world still sings along with mitch...
2008-12-18 16:42:11
BTW why is the man headless in the top photo?
2008-12-18 16:40:46
2008-12-16 21:21:04
An article in this morning's paper says that the guy who threw the shoe was once in U.S. custody in Iraq.. .Lord only knows what kind of abuse or humiliation the poor sonofabitch may have endured in that circumstance. The Moslem world is full of people that hate our guts, and people like George Bush and Mitch Graves haven't yet figured out why. Read about the history of the western nations in our pursuit of the mineral wealth of the middle east, Mitch, and then we'll talk about who has behaved like bullies. It's also interesting that Mitch, who professes to be a Christian, responds to this incident, in which no one was injured, by wishing that the he could beat the crap out of the shoe-thrower. I'm sure that's just the way Jesus himself would have responded , Mitch. Yep, says right there in the bible, that if anyone should strike thee, or throw his shoe at thee, why just go ahead and stomp a mudhole in his ass, right?
2008-12-16 19:18:29
It does not matter a damn what you think of GWB. NOBODY should treat our president this way. The media hates him anyway. They lie about him all the time and judging by the comment here most don't do any research to find out the fact. If I were him I would have said the the body guards to keep any others off me and I would have gone down and beat the living crap out of that jerk. I'd LOVE to hear the reaction in the arab media then! They are bullies and they think uncivil behavior proves something. If GWB had beat him till he asked for mercy they would have had a good object lesson and way less to boast about. It is time for all you feminized men to remember what you used to know; there is only one thing that ever stops a bullies abuse. That is running into a greater power. The more you let them get away with the more they come at you. This is always true and no amount of 'visualizing peace' will change it.
2008-12-16 01:38:32
2008-12-15 21:03:37
Very true!
2008-12-15 21:03:33
Very true!
2008-12-15 19:33:28
To be fair, he is a bit of a heel....