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Posted By:humbug

Old Comments:

2011-06-03 00:58:59
Single.. Bang-up :)
2010-03-15 18:37:22
My daughter had a copy of this book several years ago--"Children's Letters to God". I can't remember the author's name, but these are photographs of its pages. The book was an odd size--about 6"x6"--with a hard cover, the title in a child's handwriting.
2009-12-22 07:00:16
I would like to meet parents of those children ROFLMAO XD
2009-10-24 00:56:53
Dear God, Why did you make cancer?
2009-08-09 07:57:59
...but you did it, anyway.
2009-08-09 07:44:01
ahhhh.. on the one hand i think these kids really need to be told the truth so they know early that God goes the same way as the Tooth Fairy and Barnie the dinosaur.. on the other hand, these letters are reeeeeeally cute and id hate to spoil their fun ^^;
2009-03-13 01:32:30
very nice and cute thing i have ever get accross.
2009-03-12 17:10:12
2009-03-12 08:21:31
The wonderful things children say! Thanks humbug.
2009-03-11 23:59:07
So cute it made a godless heathen like me smile...
2009-03-11 16:11:44
I'm not religious in any way but I still loved this pic/pics.
2009-03-11 09:13:03
One of the few good ones to come by. From a child's point of view. Very innocent and sincere. Thanks for sharing.