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Old Comments:

2009-06-26 12:23:25
Have you been sleeping through the news wael? ;-)
2009-06-26 08:07:10
why is this tank in the city
2008-10-11 01:20:52
i voted -. SInce b4 this little bastard could talk or even shit properly, he was told "Kill the infidel"; "israle is you land and my land", "kill amricans". They are all sick bastards. Bomb em back to the stone age. Force and harshness is all they understand. Or, be nice and say "Jesus loves you and he is God"; they will cut off your balls feed them to you, then cut off your head with a swiss army knife.
2008-10-10 22:48:43
marvin, blayze, you ignorant bitches, America does not "stop by and bomb" them, morons, the fight is between Israel and Palestine, Palestine being supported by Syria, god you people are fucking ignorant.
2008-10-10 22:19:27
It's so easy to sit back and comment stupid comments, why this boy is deffending his contry? If was in America you would call him brave isn't it? Well hes more brave then any one that posted stupid comments in here... And actually Jim? They don't teach them hate they gain hate inside everytime americans stop by to bomb they small and innocent contry.... Blayzekohime, nice comment by the way...
2008-07-28 01:57:45
I see they teach hate at an early age.
2008-07-25 22:15:15
That makes it okay or not sad, 5w4? Its no wonder they are so desperate as to do these things when their homes are being destroyed by monsters like you.
2008-07-24 02:37:51
Sad to think the only thought is how stupid this little boy is not that he may just want his home left alone, and family safe.
2008-07-24 02:16:55
Only stupid arab child can do it.
2008-07-24 02:04:05
not the smartest of the bunch? most people, even kids, know you should probably not stand in front of a moving tank.
2008-07-24 01:05:22
The picture sadly reminds me of the incident early on in the invasion in Baghdad when an American tank deliberately ran over and crushed the life out of a little boy in the road - who did not get out of their way.
2008-07-24 00:45:59
wrong. in the myth, david wins. try again.