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Old Comments:

2010-02-19 08:45:59
Patito you are so full of it. Whatever it IS. I like reading your stuff. What an imagination. You should try writing Novels. But perhaps you do.You are an interesting character. I get big laughs from your comments.
2010-02-17 12:30:46
Yes sir, that is so. In fact, my Uncle Jethro Holcomb got run up a tree by a pack of them hogs back a few years ago while he was squirrel huntin' down in the Neches river bottom over in Cherokee County in East Texas. They kept him up there for three days. They'd pretend they were sleepin' at night, make noises like they were snorin', tryin' to trick him into comin' down, and the first time he tried to slip off they like to have got him before he could scramble back up the tree. It was a big ol' magnolia, and at night he kinda strapped himself to a branch with the galluses of his overalls so he could nap a little bit without fallin' off the limb. Aunt Maudie and Bubba Junior finally found him and run off the hogs, and she got two of 'em with the thirty ought six before they got away, and Junior got one with the twelve gauge. Those pigs are pretty danegrous animals, alright, but they do make tolerable good sausage. And ever word of this story is the gospel truth, so help me Willie Nelson.
2010-02-17 11:39:25
Les Shroud of Survivorman says that these pigs will attack man unprovoked. Is that true?