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Old Comments:

2011-07-10 23:27:19
wet cheeks for all the 'Amins's' on Gaia... A humble bow of gratitude for re-minder. Namaste' {(~_~)} _/|\_
2009-03-01 15:12:20
The photographer: This here is "Amina", the 'pro-modern' Damsel in Distress. She was a little camera shy, must've been all those years of living in self denial, constantly being reminded that she was born a 'Girl',and in a patriarchal community she is no better than a 2nd class citizen. Amina earns 1.5 ~ 6 taka (0.085 USD) each day, working as a 'firewood bearer' who goes to and fro along the banks of the "Kaptai Lake" over a distance stretching one and a half mile, countless times, everyday. Despite all the difficulties growing up, 'Amina' retains a strange, stark beauty. A farcical gaze that tears through your very soul. A look that screams of hardship, gender discrimination,the failures of institutions like "UNICEF" & of a fake prerogative that calls itself "Nari Odhikar Aine"(Law of Women Rights).