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Posted By:observer

Old Comments:

2009-11-21 07:28:05
Oh for heaven's sake you's an albino dolphin.
2009-11-21 04:32:04
Damn, you're right! It's not a horse, it's a fish...
2009-11-21 02:23:54
Sold! Payment on delivery to: Seljak u kukuruzu d.d. PP 1548 Imotski Croatia
2009-11-21 02:14:56 about The Huey P. Long bridge over the Mississippi at New Orleans? I can get you a great deal on that one....but only if you act now...send your down payment at once( 100,000 in US currency or the equivalent in Mexican pesos ) to; Patito Engineering Enterprizes, Ltd Box 77, Gullible, Utah USA
2009-11-21 01:30:50
Claus, I'm buying bridge that leads to the land of normal people. What kind of bridge are you selling, I hope not one that leads to the land of poor and deceived...
2009-11-20 06:57:55
Dd you really think this is a horse? I have a bridge that's for sale!