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Posted By:Unknown

Old Comments:

2011-11-02 20:22:32
joe king - I don't agree with you. Dolly Parton used her 'enhanced' body as a commodity to get ahead in her business. Apparently, she became quite the business woman. Didn't she have a theme park or something called 'Dollyland' or something? No dumb blond there.
2011-11-02 20:20:42
Dolly Parton made it big on her SURGERY ENHANCED BIG BOOBS and her SILICONE INJECTED LIPS. Only after that, did she continue to be a big star. Young girls are easily influenced by their peers, and even more so by people in show business. What an example for young women!!!
2011-11-02 09:59:34
Why does Dolly Parton have small feet? Because nothing grows in the shade.
2011-11-01 20:41:47
I seriously doubt that you have any insight into what Ms Parton's ideas are about being a woman or anything else, and in fact having big boobs was scarcely a conscious decision on her part. But though it ( or they) certainly haven't hurt her career, she made it as a performer on talent and hard work, not her bra size.
2011-11-01 20:30:37
Dolly Parton's idea of being a woman is big boobs - a bad example. Too bad she had and still does influence too many women to enhance their breasts by surgery.
2011-11-01 20:16:34
Sorry, but I understood that Patito is from Texas. I am from Great Britain. It seems the Patito-watchers are on the job 24/7. Keep watching, I'm off to the pub. Cheers!
2011-11-01 20:15:06
I didn't write either of the above comments. It's pretty obvious who needs a psychiatrist around here : )
2011-11-01 20:09:26
Meanwhile only one-comment-trolls write comments under those pics: Patito is talking with himself!
2011-11-01 20:02:28
Dolly Parton..the gal who left the hills of Tennessee and took 'em with her !
2011-11-01 19:40:09
One can't but admire a lady who has said: It takes a lot of money to look this cheap." :) She's great.