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Posted By:Unknown

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2011-11-01 20:26:03
You have to have steel (courage and a strong conviction) to face off with giant China - in his usual peaceful, sweet way. He's the world's leader of a non-confrontational, peaceful religion that does no harm in the name of God. The Dali Llama personifies everything that is inherent in man/woman, but few, if any, of us is able to release that goodness. To meet him once and shake his hand would be my greatest moment in life. It would not be to worship him (one should not worship anyone or anything), but to feel the strength of his convictions and his loving gentleness, and hope it could be passed on to a simple soul like me who struggles to simply be a good buddha.
2011-11-01 19:50:42
He's a man of steel and honey.