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2009-08-21 05:26:37
And you, sonny boy, are obviously a spoiled, petulant's really sad that nobody likes you, but with your attitude it's no're going to be a lonely little looser the rest of your life...
2009-08-21 05:01:40
@patito NOTE: With all respect, patito, but please go and fuck yourself! It's hard to hear your arrogance and arguments: -If someone isn't long enough on Pixdaus he is not allowed to say something -if he hadn't upload any pictures he is not allowed to say something -if someone is not speaking english as his mother-tongue he is not allowed to say something... What's next? "Have you served your country?" ??? If you two like to vote up your pictures, than do it! (Don't wonder if these pictures keep downvoted!) But please shut up if you are not able to take criticism! I said :"I am an outsider. But that's what it looks like for me." Even than you are not able to accept other opinions. Instead of that you like to compare me with a little dog! You snotty idiot. Sorry, respect for you is completely gone... I prefer to discuss with people who has a sense of decency. And that's definitely not you!
2009-08-20 00:03:07
NOTE: Poppy is, in fact, under attack by a scum-sucking slime-ball chum-swilling troll at this very moment..take a look at the comments under 'Fun at the Beach' or 'Confrontation'...comments like that constitute SPAM attacks..their sole purpose is to annoy those of us who come here to enjoy sharing photos and it's a goddamn nuisance..if you want to be a participating memember of this community, vote those comments down, and communicate with the administrators about this problem...
2009-08-19 23:31:27
No one else gets anywhere near the number of downvotes on perfectly respectable photos as does Poppy....and although several of us have been the victims of troll attacks, some of them incredibly viscious, Poppy seems to have suffered more than her share...there's an old sayin' where I come from.."a new dog stays under the wagon" haven't been here long enough to understand the need to sit down, pay attention, and figure out what's going on here before shootin' off your mouth...
2009-08-19 17:49:56 need to inform yourself a little better about what's going on here... I had informed me now, because I see what I see! poppy has posted almost 5.000 pictures here. The only ones which are not popular are these "megadownvoted" pictures! Excuse me, but how arrogant is it to say: "Does it look like those pics deserve it?" You should better ask: "Does all of my pictures deserve it to be popular?" Perhaps it's this presumption that let others vote poppy's pictures down. Why have all poppy-pictures be popular? And this picture here is a great example that it looks like she is giving her own pictures a "helping hand" to get them popular! When this picture e.g. has only 8 votes, it was upvoted to 34! Why? Isn't 8 good enough for it? Now it have 15 votes and I bet it will be upvoted again (and again)! Others have to live with it that some of their pictures get negative votes. But not poppy. She thinks that all her her pictures have to be popular! Why? I am an outsider. But that's what it looks like for me. And perhaps for a lot of others.
2009-08-19 10:00:32
I have been here for many years and all that time Poppy has been under attack from one person or another - I don't know how or why it began - Someone took offense at something Poppy said maybe? They never explained what the problem was. I almost can't remember a time that she was not a target for psychos. Who ever it is has been doing it for YEARS! For someone to spend YEARS systematically attacking one particular poster shows a really mentally unbalanced mind that is NOT going to stop unless something is done from the top. Pixdaus management is going to have to make Poppy a special case and make changes to stop the harassment. I hope something is done soon. Hang in there Poppy.
2009-08-19 09:41:13
Hey, Burst...first let me say I got a kick out of your photos, and hope you'll stick around and post more..BUT...he lady's right about all this...go look through her'll see drop-dead gorgeous photos with so many downvotes that the only logical explanation is that there's a concerted, deliberate campaign against her....Poppy has posted almost five thousand photos I've said before, most of them are better than average..some are excellent....but she's made enemies: partly out of plain old jealousy, I suspect..partly because she has the guts to speak her mind ...I've been following this site for a very long time, and before you pass judgement you need to inform yourself a little better about what's going on here...
2009-08-19 09:16:45
This pic originally had plenty of legit votes but was megadownvoted. Some of the votes were restored, only to have them megadownvoted again and again... and so it will go on until ‘whoever’ is doing the downvoting will stop. Whatever is happening to this particular picture has nothing to do with the ‘artemises or ultrasonics’. Burst, downvote all you want, that's your choice, but you actually haven't a clue about what the megadownvoting of poppy's pics is about. I am the victim and not the wrongdoer, and I am tired of saying it. Go to my file and see pics that have -100 votes. Does it look like those pics deserve it?
2009-08-19 04:57:26
When you (or whoever) is upvoting this picture like you (or whoever) do, you (or whoever) is not better than the Artemisess or ultrasonics from this page! If you (or whoever) are voting this picture because it was downvoted to -50 than I will support you (or whoever) with my vote immediately! But voting it up because it is simply not popular (and that's what happened here), that is the same behaviour Artemis and other selfvoters exhibit here. And for that I will vote you (or whoever) down!
2009-08-15 23:54:51
c w: ((((((((((Very very very good comment)))))))))) Very very very good comment of million votes to bring ((((((((Even with downvoting I love you)))))))) ((((((((poppy was mistake, it is you I love))))))) ((((((((you are man, I am man, together we belong))))))
2009-08-15 22:25:42
Oh dear... All the energy you try to canonize poppy, you better used to do something against cheaters!! I really wonder that you can´t keep you feet on the ground. Poppy is uploading just PICTURES here on Pixdaus! She isn't one "who do most of the creative thinking, contribute most of the talent and energy"!! THAT ARE NOT EVEN HER OWN PICTURES!!!!! She is stealing them from somewhere else! (That, perhaps, is the WORK she is doing here!) Poppy is always complaining about EVERYTHING, but is not able to take criticism! Nobody takes herself as seriously as she do! It's weekend now, go out and try the real life! THERE happen real important things! I'll do so now. Bye.
2009-08-15 21:41:28
Thanks for those kind words, Ms P...this situation reflects what I've experienced in any number of real world situations in my life ( not quite a hundred years yet but I'm workin' on it ) most human groups there will be a few people who do most of the creative thinking, contribute most of the talent and energy, do most of the organizing and heavy lifting, and generally keep things afloat and moving along...then there are usually a few people who are just along for the ride, and , sad to say, there will typically be a few poor souls who don't have much to offer in the way of talent or creativity and who don't really contribute much of anything but complaints and criticism of the folks doing the actual work...I've found this to be the case in the business world, in education, and in politics, and am afraid it's just the human condition and something we have to learn to live with..anyway, thanks again to you and the other folks who actually have the talent and energy and do the real work around here..without you and people like you there would be no Pixdaus..Hang In There ! Keep 'Em Flyin' ! Never Give Up The Ship ! Remember The Alamo !
2009-08-15 20:07:36
I shut up when I feel shutting up, I don't need permission from you. I positioned my comment posted at 2009-08-15 08:27:38 to the left, so it was not directed at anyone in particular, least of all you. This comment is positioned where it gets when I click the 'reply to this' button underneath your comment. I had already shut up where you were concerned, but you chose to open it up again. My general comment was NOT about me or you, it was about Patito. Are you now the Pixdaus Comment Police who decides who can speak here and who not? "Everything started with a simple question from my side." Is that so? Your so-called question was an accusation, and that is how anyone would interpret it.
2009-08-15 18:47:46
Why didn't you know when you have to shut up? For me this case was closed! Everything was fine, everything was cleared. But TWO DAYS LATER you have to throw in your two cents worth again... First: patito isn't sacrosanct. "If you can't take it then don't dish it out!" And he also deal some good stuff in my direction. But that's ok! I'm not a whiny girl and can handle with it. Second: Everything started with a simple question from my side. YOU need three answers to it (!) and start to offend me the first time ("fraud and coward"). Can you read something like that in my first (or second - the answer to patito) comment? No. It seems that I am totally right in the way I see it: YOU are self-righteous and like to her yourself. It's good to know when it is over, poppy!!
2009-08-15 15:27:38
On this page, Patito has been called an idiot, a half-dead dummy, a rusty idiot, hundred years old, self-righteous, intolerant, piteous, obviously out of arguments, and accused of writing shit and having stupid American intolerance. Patito has been here perhaps longer than any other current contributor, and his input has been and continues to be of interest, value and meaning to most Pixdaus viewers and contributors. Not only does he possess great intellect, wisdom, humour, knowledge, insight, kindness, compassion and courage but he also tirelessly works for the betterment of our ‘Pixdaus world’ both here for everyone to see and then also behind the scenes. I cannot speak for others, but I have the greatest respect for him. I consider him a friend, and nobody puts my friends down and gets away with it. Kindness, politeness and consideration are good attributes but hard to stick to when unwarranted attacks occur. Patito does not go around attacking people; he retaliates, he chastises bad behaviour, and he also defends those who are targets of troll and hate mail (because he knows what it feels like, having been the target of some of the vilest troll action imaginable). Pixdaus would be an immensely poorer place without Patito, and it never ceases to amaze me that when good people are put down hardly anyone pays attention to it. It seems that negativity rules, and cowards hide in their holes.
2009-08-14 12:52:11
Okay CW..if you are in fact a non-native English speaker, I hereby tender my apologies for any remarks I made impugning or be-littling or insulting your language ability ...if English really is your second language, then you do a pretty decent job of writing it...probably better than I write my second language, Espanol...and Supreme is right..we oughta try to be a little kinder and politer to each I'm sorry if I hurt your tender little feelings, but when it comes to contributing to this site you still wouldn't make a pimple on Poppy's butt and you oughta show a little more respect and deference to her for the work she does in order for us to have photos to look at...Okay ? Peace, Brother!
2009-08-14 11:09:52
You Know - Kindness, politeness and consideration for others can EVEN work on the Internets.
2009-08-14 10:14:20
OK, you half-dead mummy! Now you show your real face: self-righteous, intolerant and obviously out of arguments! Nothing to say, so you have to play the "write and spell the English language correctly"-card! You are so piteous! Again: this is the worldwideweb! For the majority of internet-users English is not the native-language! So take your stupid american intolerance and don't write such a shit, you rusty idiot!
2009-08-14 09:57:27
Can't speak for Ms P, sonny boy, but I sleep like a log...long walks and plenty of exercize'll do that for, since you sound like you're maybe about nineteen years old, I have three pieces of advice for you...First: take the time to learn to write and spell the English language correctly..Second: proof-read your posts..that way you won't sound like such a semi-literate bumpkin...Third: go fuck yourself!
2009-08-14 06:08:51
...and you sound like an idiot! This is a fuckin' virtual world! And when this sissy poppy start to cry on EVERYTHING (even on the adress "Dear poppy"!) than I have to laugh out loud! ("...and you add to it by kicking me when I am already down." -Poppy) Gosh! I can't take this and your babbling seriously! Try the real life! (Please don't tell me your life story now! I know you are a hundred years old!) I bet you and this whiny little girl sleep badly every night cause of this!
2009-08-14 05:09:17
Dear CW...I haven't uploaded any pictures on this site, but I have a profound and abiding respect and appreciation for those who do, and especially for those who,like Poppy, consistently upload high quality I make it a point not to bitch, whine, piss, moan and complain about people who do post, nor do I call people who take the time and go to the trouble to upload quality photographs names like "self-righteuous idiot" sound like a spoiled fuckin' brat....
2009-08-14 04:28:08
Dear patito! What's one got to do with the other? Oh, btw: How many fantastic pictures did you uploaded here so far??? Thank you. And I tell why I don't vote here: it doesn't matter if someone is voting or not because these of these permanent selfvoters and downvoters. Why wasting my vote? That's my opinion.
2009-08-13 23:50:45
Well said, Duane...another irony in this particular case is that our current resident whiner, CW, has posted a total of five ( 5 ) photos on this site, all five of which were childishly naive political postings in which George Bush was compared to Hitler...I've never been a fan or a suppoter of George but comparing him to Hitler is just silly...none of CW's posts became popular, and as I recall all were voted off the main page almost immediately...and , get this, the guy has voted a grand total of THREE times...what a joke !
2009-08-13 20:38:20
Your original comment was addressed to me, so the word OR in the first sentence means nothing: you meant to accuse me. How could I control someone else? Where is the massive upvoting? Show me. "SO WHAT? All your pics had to be popular cause you are POPPY???" - I merely gave the rundown on the votes because I don't see 'massive upvoting', quite the contrary. I don't take myself too seriously, and I don't whine, but I will not be quiet when I am wrongly accused. So take your 'massive upvoting' and shove it, Dear.
2009-08-13 19:35:29
Yeah, I called you a self-righteous idiot cause you start to cry when I adress you with "Dear poppy" (you have to read what I put in parentheses!) "when you accused me of upvoting my pics". So what? Should I know who is upvoting your pics? And I said "you OR your crazy lover"! "and you add to it by kicking me when I am already down." You are the greatest whiny girl here! "Right now my today's pics stand thus: +1, +1, +3, +3, +4, +4, +10, and +24 0, 0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, -5, and -6" SO WHAT? All your pics had to be popular cause you are POPPY??? Others had this ranking too!!! "And then you have the audacity to say that I fail to be polite." Right! I said "DEAR poppy. Can you PLEASE... Thank you. etc." And you said I am a fraud and a coward. Even now politness is not one of your strengths! You are not better only because some people said your pics are good. You take yourself too seriously...
2009-08-13 19:05:54
Patito says below that "Poppy ... has been the subject of massive and coordinated downvoting" so how do you take that to mean that your accusations are not unfair and baseless when you accused me of upvoting my pics? I am the victim here, but you accuse me of voting my pics up. "Massive upvoting" you called it; what are you talking about? Right now my today's pics stand thus: +1, +1, +3, +3, +4, +4, +10, and +24 0, 0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, -5, and -6 Just how massive is that? To call me a "self-righteous idiot" just shows us all what kind of a person you are. I am attacked on all fronts, and you add to it by kicking me when I am already down. What do you expect me to do? Say 'thank you'? - And then you have the audacity to say that I fail to be polite. That's a laugh; I think you'd better reconsider some of your own word choices. I have no control over what happens to my pics. They are downvoted to -100 and more, and not many people care a damn.
2009-08-13 17:51:04
All right poppy, you self-righteous idiot (is this a better adress to you? You obviously like it better, this way) I "go around dishing out baseless, unfair and senseless accusations"??? Your friend patito told me in his comment below that it wasn't baseless and senseless, etc.!! Your pics were upvoted yesterday in a way it is unfair to other uploaders! New pics were massivly upvoted NOT from -11 to +7 for example, but from +9 to +28! That's not OK! That's just "pushing"! If downvoted pictures were "backvoted" - that's OK. But not to make them popular or something! Other uploaders have good pics too but they don't get this benefit! You are not the main-uploader on this site! And you should think of your word choice when you come under criticism! poppy, your problem is your attitude and a certain degree of hubris - not to mention your failure of politeness in this case.
2009-08-13 13:57:47
It is getting to be such a strange strange world...all the anonymity that the net gives people seem to go directly into the psyche's of people that abuse sites like this... there are about 15 or 20 people here that I LOVE most of their pictures and I really appreciate how much time and effort it takes to find good pictures day in and day out! I will continue to come to this site to partake of the joy that looking at the postings of people like Poppy, Danis, Skip, Jchip, Gothina and many others (so sorry to those that I can't think of right now), but as been said by others, it would sure be nice if the kindergardeners would behave, and try living like grownups for awhile. Remember, you may think you are unknown and you are having fun at everone's expense..and in a way you are, but it must hurt deep down to know what people think of your childish antics and I hope the cheap thrills you are getting maybe outweigh the deep seated pain and shame of knowing how low you really are. Sorry folks, but it's hard to get me to shut up once I get on the soap box ;) PS: just had a thought on maybe the Admin would be interested in one of those programs that would make a person accountable for their vote? As in keeping track of who voted each picture down or up and maybe even showing a "thumbs up/down" icon for each photo....
2009-08-13 10:58:14
Another point: Why do you address me as "Dear Poppy" when judging by the content of you comment I am anything BUT that to you? - "Unfair to others?" What is unfair to 'others' is that there are people like you who go around dishing out baseless, unfair and senseless accusations at posters such as myself whose only aim is to upload good pics for the enjoyment of the viewers. c w, you're a fraud and a coward.
2009-08-13 10:47:23
Thanks, Patito. Life at Pixdaus is getting somewhat tedious of late, for me. It's people like you who give me the will to struggle on. Much in the minority, I might add - people like you, that is... ;-)
2009-08-13 10:28:08
...'my crazy lover' you say. If only he'd upvote my pics I'd be grateful, but he seems to have no magic touch in that area. Or any other, for that matter.
2009-08-13 10:21:38
..."massive upvoting of every picture that you had uploaded today" - what the eff are you talking about? I just uploaded my pics and some of them are being DOWNvoted, so get off my back, Yet Another Troll! What is 'massive' to you? Try -100, NOW THAT'S MASSIVE! thanks to the MegaCheaterDownvoter! Unfair to others? -100 is unfair to Poppy only, so get off your high horse and get some perspective! And learn to count while you're at it!
2009-08-13 08:54:26
You vote her up?? All of you should make the same effort and DOWNVOTE cheaters like Artemis who is upvoting her pics like hell! But when the proposal was made the yelling was immense that it support the cheaters ranking! Now it is apparently no problem...
2009-08-13 08:45:30
Dear CW..perhaps it may have escaped your attention but Poppy has recently been not only under siege by trolls but has been the subject of massive and coordinated downvoting...some of us who have been around awhile understand the value of the contribution she and other elite posters make to this website..Poppy has posted almost five thousand photographs here, and most of them have been at the very least better than average, and many have been excellent some of us have rallied to her defense, and will continue to do so as long as she is under attack...and that goes for any of the elite know who you are, and those of us who come here to view your photos appreciate what you do for us....Note:it looks as if we may have been successful in our campaign to have the site administrators whack our most recent troll..if so that's a big step in the right direction and I, for one, am very grateful...
2009-08-13 07:49:11
Dear Poppy, can you or your crazy lover please stop these massive upvoting of every picture that you had uploaded today? This afternoon a lot of those pics get 18 or more votes in just a few minutes! That's unfair to all others! Thank you.