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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2010-10-04 05:58:48
Thank you peasant; I knew someone would recognize my efforts at uploading nothing but the best black squares on the Net. Make sure dingbat that your black squares have a lot of depth and perhaps softened corners.
2010-10-03 19:45:31
ok, connie, i'll try to do better next time :D
2010-10-02 04:31:02
true, true... Connie's black square are much better then your.. :P Over&out for today
2010-10-02 03:52:10
My blacks were far superior to yours dingbat. Ask any of the old-timers here...they'll tell you that mine had incredible depth..brilliant ebony with a touch of mystery to them ;-)
2010-10-01 23:41:55
Thankyou, Dingbat... :)
2010-10-01 23:35:32
very funny, picturegirl. :)
2010-10-01 23:23:21
Ahhh, maybe this is what is called the black dahlia. Only kidding... :)
2010-10-01 23:21:24
someone just gave this picture +1. thanks. this is a very nice black: deep, mysterious, velvety........
2010-10-01 23:20:04
Sorry Dingbat. I cannot see the photo you have uploaded here. I just see a black square. I would've loved to have seen what the dahlia looked like... :(