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Old Comments:

2008-06-18 19:41:08
Let us go back to your first comment: you simply claim that Sichuan is Tibet and China invaded Tibet in 1949. Fact: The borders of Sichuan (as a Chinese province) have remained relatively constant for the past 500 years. Sichuan has always had a large minority group of Tibetans, and their culture, language etc. were severely depressed during the Cultural Revolution, but Sichuan was not part of Tibet in 1949 as your first comment seems to imply. Furthermore, the area of Chengdu and Leshan (where this picture is from) even appears to be outside the area of Historic Tibet (as claimed by the Tibetan exile groups.) As to your righteous indignation about China's occupation and "grand larceny" of Tibet, my sympathies lie totally with the Tibetans, so no argument there.
2008-06-18 17:04:16
Jchip8! Sichuan is Tibet, not China. China invaded Tibet in 1949, if you recall?