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Old Comments:

2010-12-30 03:58:49
Don't add to favorites, new button on Pixdaus. :I
2010-12-30 03:46:18
-1 !! it's a new kind of downvoting?! ahahahahah
2010-12-30 03:32:43
mrmlj mrmlj Like I wrote I'm C&D... :)
2010-12-30 03:17:26
Check this one! -1 user added as a favorite?? that's new ... I'm not making comment about picture just how is a possible that -1 user add as a favorite?
2010-12-30 03:11:50
Confused&disorientated... and I like that feeling :)
2010-12-30 01:46:14
Hi pez! How are you after christmas suppers and lunches?