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Old Comments:

2011-07-10 19:23:45
That makes sense, thank you for the explanation.
2011-07-10 15:35:04
No wanda Jackal is confused !
2011-07-10 15:33:11
If Wanda Landowska ( the famous Polish-born harpsichord player ) had married Howard Hughes, then divorced him and married Henry Kissenger, she'd be Wanda Hughes Kissenger now.
2011-07-10 05:35:59
Yeah riiiiiight WAK. You're as wacky as Howard and Henry were. Wanda?
2011-07-10 03:18:54
This precious little baby jackalope was rescued and raised as a pet after its mother was struck down by a speeding motorist late at night out in the brush country of western Texas. Though usually born without horns, due to the harshness and hazards of their native habitat the little jackalopes develop the means to defend themselves at a very early age.