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Old Comments:

2011-11-19 00:32:24
Typical of Feline Poster/rodney james, she fogs the issue by attacks as in “Prove it or be quiet”. - Everyone knows that Mariosan posts only her/his own photos. Proving something works both ways: Prove to all of us, Feline Poster, that you’re NOT rodney james.
2011-11-18 22:38:55
You say 'he's certainly not mariosan'. Prove it or be quiet. You certainly must have proof since you used the word 'certainly'.
2011-11-18 09:38:39
To 1the shame is on you' You're so unobservant that it's a joke. It is not apparent to anyone else but you that malik would be also sms, and he's certainly not mariosan. Of course you have missed the whole point: FP accused malik of reposting his/her pic when it was the other way around! I could also declare it as 'fact' that you are FP, typically avoiding the issue and not admitting you made a mistake.
2011-11-17 22:39:03
For anyone to apologize to malikimran (also known as sms, mariosan) is a joke. The scum of Pixdaus, msm (for the trio of names used), posts a lot of duplicates, then self votes them up. As for you 'shame on you, FP', do not speak for 'us' - speak for yourself. Personally, I don't think Feline Poster owes msm any apology.
2011-11-17 11:51:29
Feline Poster wrote: "My upload was selected by five users as one of their favorites, however." Sure it was, because if viewers looked at the newly posted pics, FP's upload appeared first. Another reason for the number of favorites is the fact that FP dedicated the pic to PictureGirl who is very popular with viewers and users alike, and rightly so, and they sympathize with her because of the vicious attack by trolls which drove her away. As PAY ATTENTION wrote, FP owes an apology to malikimran. If it is not forthcoming, it'll tell us what type of person FP really is...
2011-11-17 11:11:02
To Feline Poster: The above is the url of your duplicate of this upload of malikimran's. The uploading number in the url of this pic is 307195 which means that malikimran posted it FIRST. Pay attention, FP. And, you owe malikimran an apology. In the future, look before you leap!
2011-11-16 23:18:03
Repost. The photographer is Eibo Jeddah. Interestingly, I posted this photo just one day earlier and it was voted down to a negative number, while malikimran uploaded it just one day later and it quickly went up to +39. My upload was selected by five users as one of their favorites, however. So much for any theories that the voters here vote on the photography. This is why I stopped uploading photos here months ago.