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Posted By:Tea Time

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2010-08-08 03:39:55
or a Mcmaggot
2010-08-08 01:40:08
As a matter of fact, scientists at Iowa State University in Ames conducted a study a couple of years ago to determine what substances provided the highest amount of protein. The winner was ordinary house-fly larvae, or as they are more commonly known, maggots. Venture capitalists have seized upon this idea and plans are in the works for a coast to coast chain of fast food restaurants to be called MaggotDonalds, featuring, of course, a burger called a Big Maggot ! Remember, you heard it here first !
2010-08-08 00:20:54
Grasshoppers, crisply fried and lightly salted, are quite tasty and considered a treat in many parts of the world. Most westerners, myself included, have an aversion to eating insects, but this is entirely cultural and may be overcome if one is bold enough to experiment.
2010-08-07 23:56:10
with a side of grasshoppers?