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Posted By:Tea Time

Old Comments:

2010-08-03 00:53:20
He came up with the word 'relitates' too ! He must have been jumpin' up and down and barkin' when he wrote that.. : )
2010-08-02 23:27:29
You came up with the word 'stupid', not I.
2010-08-02 23:11:23
He relitates? What a laugh! He is manipulating! Over 20 votes for this! With just one click! You and Patito are the worst desaster ever happened to Pixdaus! Patito is cheating with 20 votes and you call OTHERS stupid??? What a laugh! Why are you defend cheating??
2010-08-02 22:24:56
You go around attacking Patito, he retaliates, and you call HIM stupid. What a laugh.
2010-08-02 22:07:42
You are stupid and proud of it!
2010-08-02 22:03:30
Up yours, Chump : )
2010-08-02 22:00:44
Why don't you stop, Patito? You are just showing that you a) have a bad taste, b) upload your pics ONLY to cause trouble, c) are able to give your pics 20 votes d) you are a troll We all know that it's you, Patito! Please stop!