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Old Comments:

2008-08-13 07:11:23
Y'all please forget this unseemly rancor and enjoy the picture show! That starboardside sure know how to make pictures.
2008-08-13 06:30:12
Robert E. Lee was the President of what now Washington & Lee University in Virginia as well as Commendant of West Point, The US military Academy. He was offered the command of the armies of BOTH sides in the American Civil War. A product of his age, maybe. But a "redneck", I think not!
2008-08-12 18:55:55
and my apologies back for being unduly harsh.
2008-08-12 10:47:01
That's patito for you, polite, and never a grit-uitous blessing...
2008-08-12 08:22:42
Your gracious apology is accepted, sir, and may yo' turnip greens be tender and yo' chitlins be crisp.
2008-08-12 07:57:53
sorry for the unwarranted insult.
2008-08-11 20:58:17
"ontologist" might be better served looking at the pictures on the comics page instead of insulting millions of people, most of whom it would appear have more class than this little man.
2008-08-11 20:43:44
Robert E. Lee was an educated gentleman of refined sensibilities. He viewed slavery as "a moral and political evil." Only a common, base and uneducated knave would insult him or his character.
2008-08-11 17:50:01
grandfather of all rednecks