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Old Comments:

2010-04-22 04:41:55
Thanks for the lesson in French...I forgot a lot of words that one does not normally use everyday ;-)
2010-04-22 02:52:37
Merci. "waterdrop" = goutte d'eau. I made/wrote "libellule demoiselle" on Google/images : "libellule demoiselle" is the thin one. There are different kinds : with transparent wings, and with dark blue wings. Maybe others. My "libellule" is this one with dark blue wings. It is " une demoiselle". In the usual French, we don't use "demoiselle". We use to say " libellule" or "petite libellule".
2010-04-21 17:42:30
Libellule - your English is fine. Keep writing in English, then it will get even better. I never gave up when I was learning English...mind you I was only 13 and kids absorb languages like sponges Lesson 4: Since last Sunday, I dare not write in English anymore. This (see note) is splendid. Note: Crystal Ball in French would be Boule de Cristal. But, it's actually a waterdrop, and I don't know how to translate that in French. I used my French for a big part of my career as I occupied bilingual positions where I worked, but I have hardly used it since I retired. Dragonfly = libellule, demoiselle It could be a damselfly, but I can't tell the difference ;-)
2010-04-21 17:21:31
I forgot "dragonfly" :-( .... Since last Sunday, I dare no more write in English. This little crystalline dragonfly is (a) splendor.
2010-04-21 17:19:24
Depuis ce que vous m'avez dit dimanche dernier, je n'ose plus écrire en Anglais. Cette petite libellule cristalline est une splendeur. ------------------------------------- Since last Sunday, I dare no more write in English. This little crystalline is (a) splendor. Lesson 4 or 5 ?
2010-04-21 11:38:37
Thanks - Marcin Sacha did a good job with this macro.
2010-04-21 11:31:38
spectacolare :)