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Old Comments:

2008-12-10 15:53:45
Hello: I have an open question.(if I may) Do you think that some of the shapes could the types of ships they have, some are the geometry they have, and some for how they use E.M.F., and one (in the top in the middle) might be one that changes our D.N.A.? Just pondering out loud.
2008-12-10 08:30:14
Here is a question to anyone-How many freemason symbols do we see, and use everyday, and, not know that we give our power to the luciferians?
2008-12-10 08:25:21
You don t believe the pics, but you believe some guy who you don t even see, eh? Where do you draw the line at what is, and what is not? Even if one is real - Who made it? ( I bet you don t believe any evidence unless you think it is real,eh?) I m not being sarcastic, I m just asking,"Do you believe in anything?" If you don t think it is real, then it is not.(eh?)
2008-06-24 05:59:53
There's a universal human tendency to believe what we want to believe, especially in the absence of conclusive evidence one way or another. Whether or not one believes in aliens, UFO's, etc, has less to do with evidence than with whether one wishes it to be true or not.
2008-06-24 00:52:58
popolov i thought you had maybe, half a brain.
2008-06-23 08:35:38
When I hear that kind of opinion I'm really close believeing that we don't possess any knowledge at all :(
2008-06-23 01:51:41
Only the feeble minded? Are you serious? Only the feeble minded believe aliens did this. Get real.
2008-06-23 01:43:22
Only the feeble minded? Are you serious? Only the feeble minded believe aliens did this. Get real.
2008-06-23 01:24:09
Potato, there were 'fake' scientists claiming some years back that crop circles were weather anomalies. The twits! One thing is certain, a. with the high complexity of designs, b. the often vast size, and c. the speed with which they are made, crop circles can only be produced by intelligence with superior technology than anything we have at the present time. There is more to life than our mere third dimension! Would you not agree?
2008-06-23 00:43:16
Who knows. If I were that advanced, I would probably intentionally screw with lower planets for no reason at all.
2008-06-23 00:42:35
Not so much 'always' be detected, as on several occasions they have been determined to be the real thing only to have a group of people come forward and say 'we did it'.
2008-06-23 00:42:02
I seriously doubt that life forms other than mankind came around to practice their fractal art-forms on terra firma's surface
2008-06-22 23:50:22
So, who or what is responsible for "the real thing," Pops ?
2008-06-22 23:39:38
A great collection. Only the feeble minded claim that crop circles are man-made. Some are, its true, but they can always be detected, and they never have the precision and complexity of 'the real thing.'