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Old Comments:

2012-02-09 10:22:05
Another +20 upvote! Patito really takes care of his posts and is not at all hesitant to cheat in doing so.
2012-02-08 09:25:39
Pixdaus has been very slow ever since this photo was posted. This is because millions of crapshooters, cowboys and gamblers have been signing on just in order to see this. However the frenzy to see this magnificent photo will soon pass, and things will return to normal.
2012-02-08 08:11:38
The new Pixdaus format is being installed, causing all of the current delays in logging in. However, this inconvenience will be well worthwhile because the new format will limit patito's ability to give falsify upvoting on stupid photos such as this one, that simply don't belong on Pixdaus in the first place.
2012-02-08 03:59:41
Yep...same story......stay tuned : )
2012-02-08 03:51:57
It takes me about five minutes to connect to the site. Once I log in; I can navigate the site rather quickly. But all day long, it's been slow getting here. Just wondering if anyone else might be experiencing the same.