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Posted By:observed

Old Comments:

2010-05-28 23:21:15
I was under exactly the same impression, Observed. For the past couple of weeks it appeared as if we had turned a new page, and there was a conspicuous absence of nasty comments, although there was still some downvoting of what you referred to as photos uploaded for fun. Now, with the latest comments under Cavradossi's photo ( Dryng Shrimp, Vietnam) it seems as if the strife and conflict is trying to rear its ugly head once more.
2010-05-28 22:22:01
Rest assured Observed, I haven't voted your photo down, and I live in Australia. In fact, I think this photo is quite good... :)
2010-05-28 19:01:40
I apologize for the above comment, I am simply frustrated and got carried away. The photo is my first and only upload and I was following it very closely to track it's progress where it spent several hours as the number 2 photo of the day before the massive drop to below 11. I am nothing more than a casual person in Pixdaus and really don't pretend to understand the agendas here. I have been logging on the site and following it for several months now and I had perceived that, during the past two weeks, things had improved considerably. A lot of people seem to have been uploading photos simply in fun lately and enjoying the site. The dead-serious attitudes of some of the ratings uploaders seemed to have lightened and this is easily seen in the comments as well as the array of photos uploaded. In the comments all of the very ugly language has dissipated along with the name calling etc. I actually was thinking that Pixdaus had implemented some new policies and had removed a few of the most offensive users. Anyway, I will just lay low again and wait and see.
2010-05-28 18:30:10
It is very interesting that this completely meaningless photo should have received -9 votes in the last 20 to 30 minutes. It steadily climbed from 0 to +19 over about eight hours time while receiving no negative votes at all and then all of a sudden got these 9 negative votes. It appears that all of the negative votes were cast in Australia.
2010-05-28 15:26:39