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Old Comments:

2009-03-01 16:51:47
If she's really holding on to those barrels then she's completely impervious to pain - just look at those edges! More likely she's been photoshopped into that 'ghetto' background. Still, to look at she IS very impressive. Strong but still feminine.
2009-03-01 14:19:21
This girl is impressive! And pretty too.
2008-08-22 02:38:54
Ghetto Olympics 2008
2008-08-21 22:55:03
she's a pettite thing. not impressive. look at her hands--hardly supporting her slight weight.
2008-08-21 21:04:33
now that is some badass stuff!
2008-08-21 20:27:11
damn she must be heavy! look at those barrels ;)