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Posted By:kev

Old Comments:

2011-10-07 05:54:06
O Shit, I didn't know that. It's a wonderful picture kev!
2011-10-07 05:47:39
Maybe this photo isn't first class, but at least Kev tries to take a photo and is kind enough to share his work here with us on Pixdaus. Instead of rubbishing his efforts, how about some encouragement in place of it ?
2011-10-07 04:29:15
Yeah, but the Romans existed a long long long time ago. It's nature alright - crappy nature photo that is
2011-10-07 04:10:54
Forget the votes...the picture shows nature and someone's hard work to lay a good road that's comparable to the Romans.
2011-10-07 03:51:29
25 votes for this crap? That is a joke, yes? and some of you think Interior Minister and others are cheating when they get much less votes.