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Old Comments:

2010-08-01 02:24:23
I think this is a good photo too, I voted for it, but I think that Basescu, might be getting downvoted for repeating the same pics, and there are always some people who don't like certain kinds of pics so they hit them all with downvotes and if a pic gets to far into the pages, it stays that way, or other people might hit the downvoted pic in a sheep-like way. To skokal, seems like you could express your opinion without insulting people...lots of people like cats, some like landscapes, others like beautiful women, we are all different and unique right?
2010-08-01 01:54:53
I agree that most of Basescu's photos deserve the fate they get, but this one, his best by far, is worthy of greater reward and recognition. While it may not be by strict definition a 'nature' photo, neither are many of the better photos on this site, and there is a certain poignancy in this photo, and a recognition and presentation of human dignity and pathos that is worthy of our respect if not our admiration.
2010-08-01 00:28:13
Will not agree when we say that there are plenty of miserable picture,many of you are not even photographers,take pictures on the web that are not yours and bring them here...and will call cause nausea .......
2010-07-31 03:29:09
DearAlmeida On this site were posted pictures,have been posted dozens of dogs and cats,ass women in indecent position,cups of tea and coffee,salads and food,and many other indecent pictures... We think smart if you vote negative a picture which is an old artist who suffer... Do not you bring any photo on Pixdaus,your art is not here, so small mouth.. If you do not like, do not look
2010-07-31 02:54:57
This is a site for 1) BEAUTIFUL fotos of 2) NATURE - so - it doesn't fit in here anyway. PLUS - it has been posted many many times. Too many times. Stop this, please, and look for a site were your fotos belong and fit in, it get's on my nerves, and I'm sure not only on mine.