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Old Comments:

2010-07-31 04:32:22
Yes, Basescu, there is terrible suffering and human misery throughout the world, but if you want to present that here it has to be not just relevant or worth while content, it must also be a better-than-average or excellent photograph. What people come here to see are excellent photos. They don't come to be taught moral lessons or preached to. Combine worth while or meaningful content with photographic excellence and you'll have a winner.
2010-07-31 04:20:12
Why not.?? Maybe a picture will also raise world more than dozens of cats, dogs, tractors, salads and other indecent pictures posted here...Might be a way to show these our fellow men suffering.Your negative vote and your reticence is a discrimination
2010-07-31 03:47:05
Important - Tragic - Relevant - but why here?