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Old Comments:

2008-03-26 04:34:17
I like that;using illegal workers [WTF] have you seen a negroe or red neck picking up aples or vegetables, for 4.25 dls. in one hour;no because they don't like hard work.
2008-03-26 04:27:25
wtf is the same as buying chinese.
2008-03-24 21:39:52
Liberal hippie rubbish. I expect this sort of propoganda from that broad and mud man running for my office. McCain in 2008! BOO-YEAH!!! It will happen!!!
2008-03-23 23:25:08
Obvious answer.... Grow your own
2008-03-23 05:19:12
Buy American
2008-03-23 03:27:04
That's true in some respects... such as the way people treat other people, technological advances such as computers and whatnot, and disease prevention and medical help. However, we are also increasing our usage of fossil fuels, we are destroying forests, overfishing more than ever, throwing more garbage all over the place, creating antibiotic resistant diseases, etc. We are destroying the planet in a much bigger scale than ever before (admittedly it's mostly because of overpopulation, but the net effect is worse IMO).
2008-03-23 03:21:33
Those are just TRACE pharmaceuticals, there is absolutely no need to worry about them. As our technology gets better, we are able to detect smaller and smaller concentrations of chemicals.
2008-03-23 03:00:03
Not to mention that you could already be ingesting random pharmaceuticals just by drinking water (or washing your fruit in it).
2008-03-23 02:58:59
The world is getting better compared to a hundred or a thousand years ago, just slower than most people would like it to.
2008-03-23 00:04:51
why? because of the pesticides? Meh. Wash them well, but don't worry about it too much. And definitely do not peel them. The nutritious value of the peel probably far outweighs the negative effects of ingesting the trace amounts of pesticides.
2008-03-22 18:18:51
Supercynics all!!..I now wash or peel all fruit (coz I'm paranoid!!)
2008-03-22 07:35:31
Sigh, the world is such a depressing place.