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Old Comments:

2010-10-11 10:00:34
Could be. I'm not sure. I think it still might look crooked even if the roof was straight. Anyway, doesn't matter. Still a beautiful picture and cottage. BTW, how are things, Jujuba ? Hope you are well... :)
2010-10-11 09:55:26
Maybe because of the thatched roof it looks a little bit crooked?
2010-10-11 09:46:05
The attic window looks a little crooked to me, but still, it's a beautiful looking cottage, I agree... :)
2010-10-11 09:45:35
2010-10-11 09:45:21
You´re right Poppy - they´ve got the best cottages and the best gardens :-)
2010-10-11 09:44:40
I think I see it too Skip :-0
2010-10-11 09:16:40
Lovely cottage, Jujuba! Only in England... ;-)
2010-10-11 09:05:42
I've been commenting on everything today, :O but I can't resist telling you how perfect this cottage is jujuba, I think I can see a little elf in the left window behind the curtains :)