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Old Comments:

2009-06-07 14:19:27
Believe me, dipshit..if we actually ran this site we'd have kicked your sorry ass out of here a long time ago...pukes like you are an abomination in the sight of mankind and a stench in the nostrils of God Almighty...did I mention you could go fuck yourself ?
2009-06-07 14:08:40
You're not even old enough to drink beer, putito, neither are poopy and cunnie, the other kids that run this site. I wonder how they manage to post pictures of naked women, they should get excited with pictures of children! Now go and have the soft drink of your choice, putito, and don't bother typing funny words to reply this one, l won't be around, yeah.
2009-06-07 09:25:08
Corona is a watery, second-rate Mexican beer that, since it comes in a clear bottle, is usually sun struck and skunky tasting. Its popularity is almost entirely the result of a brilliant marketing strategy by the folks at Gambrinus. Those are the boys that took Shiner, a funky little lager once only consumed by a handful of old Czech farmers in Central Txas, and made it a best-selling boutique beer.