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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2009-10-22 02:02:23
It may be done if I'm a premium user. If premium user flag picture , picture immediately goes to banned section. I don't know if this works for your own pictures...
2009-10-21 22:58:16
Some idiot keeps having this photo and several other equally inoffensive photos moved to the 'banned' section...
2009-10-21 22:15:39
I'm pretty sure there is, El Peon, but I don't know how...and yep, I remember that button, but have no idea about why it was removed....but.. we can keep this photo near the top of the pile and someone will come along who'll be able to answer your question.....
2009-10-21 21:32:25
El patito, Maybe you know what happened with button where users could mark picture as one for 'adults only' before posting? I find some interesting pictures that contains nudity but how can I upload them without insulting 'decent' posters? Is there other way for posting pictures strait to banned photos?
2009-10-21 21:17:28
This photo, along with several other of Aphrodite's photos, was in the 'banned' or 'adults only' section this morning. There is absolutely nothing...NOTHING..suggestive, risque, or even remotely pornographic about this image.....there's stuff far sexier than this on the covers of women's magazines at the supermarket check-out lane....anyone who finds this photo naughty or overtly sexually suggestive is either a prude, a religious nut of some kind or another, or has a serious mental health problem.