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Old Comments:

2008-09-05 18:06:13
Are you mad. There's already too many duplicates on Pixdaus. People should be penalised for duplicating, not rewarded.
2008-09-05 02:31:21
that is very convoluted smalley and no one gives a flying rat's ass.
2008-09-05 00:11:52
I think the important thing is for good photos like this be posted to pixdaus (A) regularly, to keep them visible in the first few pages, since beyond that they might as well not exist at all; and (B) by you, if you haven't already posted it, so that your account gets the points.
2008-09-04 22:56:58
My two sisters and I did a Cntr-Alt-Del photo. I wonder why it's still not around.