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2008-08-28 23:16:07
lol :P
2008-08-28 23:12:45
It'd been a hard day..After his last class Bearnaise went straight to the the Dew Drop Inn and had a couple of vodka matinis, then ambled on down to the pool. was such a pleasure to just unwind and relax in the cool, clear water. Teaching was turning out to harder than he'd expected. Most of the little bears in his classes were eager and willing, and a few were even infected with Bearnaise's own enthusiasm for salmon catching and elderberry browsing. But they were young and full of energy and were constantly playing all kinds of grabass, and sometimes he was sorely tempted to swat one of the little bastards. He'd already gotten in trouble for using what the Chief Ranger had referred to as "inappropriate language." It was unprofessional, the Chief explained, to yell "get the hell away from that goddam porcipine!"