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2009-05-28 12:17:00
Thanks, Jack!
2009-05-28 11:46:31
When you say I rant and I should give it a rest, really your'e just trying to put me down. I'm not tired I don't need a rest thank you As far as ranting that implies someone is not rational or unbalanced, that's not true either. You say Scorsese will have a movie out on Harrison next year. You must have a crystal ball, all I know is Scorsese is doing a Harrison Documentary. But I have no reason to believe it will be finished next year. George Harrison will have less fans as a solo artist as time goes by not more. I'm sure some new fans will come into the fold as years roll on. But older fans will lose interest or die off. There is not ever going to be a massive long term resurgance in George Harrison as a big solo act. The man is gone for gods sakes. That doesn't mean he cant get a hit record with an unknown song like Valentine or a rerelease of one of his classics in some big movie or something. It doesn't mean the estate cant get a big fee for a car commercial or something. Someone may cover one of Georges songs and get a big hit the way Guns and Roses got a big hit with Live and Let Die. But really the big box set is the high profile item that could do really well if you promoted it well and yes tied it in with A Scorsese picture or something. There is no word at all that anything like that is in the works. In fact Dhani Harrison denied it just recently, that is regarding an upcoming box set release by George.Brainwashed did fairly well it hit I don't know the top twenty or something. A top twenty album today is probably half the numbers it was five years ago.Cd sales are way way down. Because of piracy, and the general disinterest in the groups that got signed. And because of the economy and whatever other reasons. The Harrisons will continue to make lots of money for sometime to come. But Let It Roll probably will sell somewhere between a quarter million and half a million copies. The Box set could sell a couple million easy with good promotion and the price would be higher because it would be a triple disc or quadruple whatever. They're gonna do it one day Tim. You and I may be old men who don't remember who George is living in a nursing home but they will do it someday.It would have been nice if these people could have expidited this for the fans. It certainly won't be coming next year. Maybe in three years if we are lucky. If the Scorsese soundtrack has a lot that would be great. The movie will probably just focus on one period of Georges life, so any unreleased tracks would probably just be from one five to ten year period in his life like the seventies for example. SO getting tracks like Valentine from the Brainwashed years would be unlikely. But one never knows.All we know for sure is that since the release of the Brainwashed album seven or eight years ago, the only "new" album is LET IT ROLL and there are no plans for anything else as far as anyone knows and thats a big drag and a half. Every seven years! Okaty lets reconvene in the year 2016 and see whats happenngwhobeatle Strolling through the garden Posts: 105 Joined: Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:29 am
2009-05-28 11:00:02
Now that's one cool kitty! ;)